The Augustinian Recollect Charism

We are a family whose members come from different cultures. Our proper name is “Augustinian”; our family name is “Recollect”. The former is derived from the famous St. Augustine of Hippo, a restless seeker of truth, teacher of the west, a man who very much ahead of this time, a man who’s Rule we strive to follow and whose spirituality we try to emulate. The latter is our legacy from a group of friars of the second half of the 16th century whom the Spirit of the Lord had inspired with a sincere and intense desire to strive for perfection. We live a mixes life of contemplation and action, of “holy leisure” and “right occupation.” In this way, the first for truth and interiority is harmoniously woven into the apostolate of evangelization. Called by God, we strive to make our life a harmonious expression of a threefold love.


Contemplation is the total and unconditional surrender of the self to God. The Augustinian Recollect religious searches for God and surrenders himself completely to Him.


A Recollect lives in a community whose members strive to live harmoniously with one soul and one heart intent upon God.


A Recollect is an apostle who preaches the Good News of Christ throughout the world. As a contemplative he receives the love of God freely in prayer; as an apostle he shares this love freely with others.

In a special way, a Recollect acquires a dimension of tenderness and human warmth in devotion to and imitation of the Most Holy Virgin, mother and prototype of the Church, incorporated in the mystery of Christ, the perfect example of a life consecrated to God.

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