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July 18, 2014 – Murmurs spread like a disease in the seminary when the Academics Committee announced about the English enhancement to be held after dinner that day. The said enhancement garnered different reactions among the seminarians. Some are excited about it and some are still indifferent with the programs of the said committee. This is because of the stricter policy regarding English communication implemented ten days prior to the enhancement. 

            “The main objective of this campaign is to intensify the use of English as a medium of communication.  We have to learn and apply proper grammar whether it is written or verbal. It is also an avenue to gain confidence in speaking the language with other people.” Bro. Jovanie Siesmundo, the Chairman of the Academics Committee, relayed.

            The enhancement program took place at the seminary social hall at exactly 9 in the evening and lasted for an hour. The said program focused on the proper pronunciation and sounds of the vowels and gave set of drills for the seminarian to practice. The program was facilitated by Bro. Rael Jalla, which he found challenging and fulfilling. “Being part of this advocacy is really fulfilling. Sharing the things you know that would make our brothers develop not only their communication skills but also their confidence in communicating with their fellow brothers is truly rewarding.” He said in an interview after the program.

            Seminarians reacted differently with these newly implemented rules, “It is a challenge for all of us. Learning the proper way of communication is difficult but what matters is that we are doing our part to embrace it.” Bro. Romel I. Acebron commented. Another seminarian had reacted negatively regarding this, he said: “I am not against this advocacy but with the sanctions to be given. It will just add pressure to seminarians and it may have an effect to them psychologically.”

            The issue on the strict implementation of the English policy continued to be the most talked about topic of the seminarians these previous weeks. That is why Rev. Fr. Persiuz Decena, OAR broke his silence about this undying issue. Fr. Decena told us, during our class, that: “We must look at it positively. Do not think of the sanctions to be given rather accept it humbly. This is for all of you. Remember brothers that reaction is far different from response. Obey first before complaining. Mas matututo tayo kung gagawin natin.”

            As of now, the Academics Committee started to gain positive feedbacks from the community.

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